On the road to excellence!

Karla Machado Barcus

Founder and Owner

Our vision

Karla Machado Barcus is the owner and founder of Kscholastic Inc. She brings with her years of experience in teaching, high school coaching, mentoring, counseling, tutoring, and studies in Psychology, Differentiated Instruction, and Learning Differences.

​Karla brings a hands-on approach to being a tutoring business owner. Having been a teacher and tutor herself, she not only trains each individual tutor, but makes weekly contact with tutors, parents, and regularly communicates with teachers in order to make sure that progress is being made!  

Our mission is to provide the study tools, outside of the classroom and school tutorials, for students to thrive academically and flourish throughout their lives! We fully encourage students to seek aide from their teachers and coaches at their respective schools.​