Karla Barcus


My idea for Kscholastic Inc. started in 2012 when I left teaching in Houston-area private schools to focus on one-on-one tutoring. I tutored students in-home, part-time, while I was a student at the University of Houston pursuing my Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish, Psychology, and Education. 

I loved the relationships I formed with my students as a private tutor. Tutoring in comfortable settings, such as their home, I noticed that students were more relaxed and able to grasp the material they were struggling with, much more clearly. I was able to learn about their learning styles, needs, and roadblocks to success. I become part mentor, and part teacher for my students, and cherished the personal experiences I had tutoring my students.

Thus, Kscholastic Inc. was formed from my experiences as a teacher and tutor for Houston area schools. Being in the educational field has been my goal since I was young, and I was aware of the large impact private tutors had on students' lives. Being in the Houston area, we are able to have a diverse team of undergraduate, graduate, and post-grad students, as well as medical students, and current and former teachers who all share a strong passion for education and relationship-building with students.

Kscholastic offers personalized tutoring services both in-home and virtually and focuses on general subject tutoring in every subject from kindergarten through college, as well as test preparation and Executive Function Skills. We are a one-stop shop to guide students through their educational journey outside of the classroom. 

My goal is to teach students life-long skills that will transfer into the classroom and beyond.  Although Kscholastic Inc. has grown tremendously over the years, I am heavily involved in the day-to-day operations and take matching our students with the right tutor or coach very seriously.  The perfect match is the recipe for motivation and success.

This is my passion and I am delighted to share it with you. ​

Karla Machado Barcus

Founder and Owner